Supervised Thesis

Dogukan Mutlu, PhD thesis titled "Isolation, purification of polysaccharides from some edible mushrooms and determining their anticancer, antimicrobial, antibiofilm and immunomodulatory effects.", Pamukkale University, Continues.

Kubra Kocabiyik, PhD thesis titled "Determination of biological activity of newly synthesized Artemisinin-Benzothiophene derivatives.", Pamukkale University, Continues.

Shayesteh Poorhosein, PhD thesis titled "Determination of biological avtivities of new generating Alkenyl-Benzothiophene derivatives.", Pamukkale University, Continues.

Hale Ayse Karaman, MSc thesis titled "Determination of anticarcinogenic and anti-inflammatory activities of new generation benzothiophene derivatives inclusive of aldehyde functional group.", Pamukkale University, Continues.

Sibel Zeybek, MSc thesis titled "Elucidation of Anti-carcinogenic properties of novel Benzothiophene-Thymol hybrid derivatives.", Pamukkale University, Continues.

Nevin Kaya, MSc thesis titled "Investigation the effects of phenolic acids on DNA methylation.", Pamukkale University, 2021.

Buket Kabalay, MSc thesis titled "Silencing the role of enzymes in carcinogen metabolism with CRISPR/Cas9 system.", Pamukkale University, 2019.

Dogukan Mutlu, MSc thesis titled "Assessment of CYP1A1 inhibition by natural polyphenols applying in vitro and molecular docking studies.", Pamukkale University, 2015.

Pelin Atmaca, MSc thesis titled "The molecular mechanisms of the potential anticarcinogenic effect of bee venom on the experimental cancer models.", Pamukkale University, 2014.

Ozden Ozgun, MSc thesis titled "Investigating the molecular mechanisms of the effects of Capparis ovata extract in experimental animal model of multiple sclerosis.", Pamukkale University, 2012.